Ideal School

My ideal school has hunting in the hunting arena and crocodile hunting at the lake, the hunting area is there to teach people to survive when they need to hunt for food. There are two islands, one is called Slave Island where there is a bridge that goes up and down so slaves can go on but cannot come back, the other island is power island where all the wind turbines are to give the whole school power so the it does not need to pay power bills.

There is also a destruction derby area and dear devil ramp so people can learn skills of balance on motorcycles and ways of ramming into other cars and not getting hit by other cars, the school will need 80 doctors and 123 nurses to help people who are sick or get injured from the derdevil ramp or destruction derby.

And for when there is nothing to do  the people can go to the drive in movie.

Each kid gets a 4 wheel drive to drive around in because the school is so big and it would take five hours to get to end to the other. The school will also need 50 mechanics to keep the four wheel drives going.

The school costs 5 dollars a term, a term is a week long but during that week you  can learn about hunting and race donkeys, cats, dogs, horses , camels , elephants and cows people can bet on these races so people can buy stuff from the shops.

Some of the other subjects are tree cutting for bringing down trees that may be about to fall on your house in the future, metal work for making weapons, building destruction( with the choice of TNT or wrecking ball) for a future job and wood work for carpentry skills.

there are also crops out the back for farming skills gbut instead of wheat and corn it is money people drive harvasters thart pick the money.

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